Premier League


A Scottish player Dean Brett has been suspended by the Scottish Football Association following the uncovering of the player’s illegal side hustle.

Brett placed 2,787 bets in more than 6,000 games even against his own team, according to reports.

The player who plays for Cowdenbeath FC started the forbidden acts in 2011/12. Of 2,787 uncovered bets, 65 were in matches that his team was involved in. He picked his own team to lose eight of such games.

Cowdenbeath in a statement confirmed that Brett played in five of the eight games he hoped they would lose. Players that have place bets against their own teams risk being banned – Pete Rose an antecedent. For professional footballers, soccer betting is frowned at big time.

A complaint was sent to the SFA after a complaint regarding Brett’s twitter comments. Following a report from the Gambling Commission, the SFA subjected the player to further actions instead of just a suspension that was earlier fixed.

“The Gambling Commission report confirms betting activity since season 2011/12. This involves some 2787 bets covering 6369 matches. Most concerning of all these figures include 65 bets on matches in which Cowdenbeath FC were involved and crucially that on 8 occasions bets were placed on Cowdenbeath to lose a match – 5 of the bets involved matches in which Dean was playing.

“Once this information was to hand the Manager and Chairman met with Dean last Thursday and Dean was suspended on full pay pending a Club disciplinary hearing this week as per the Club’s Disciplinary Code of Practice,” a quote credited to the club read.

Soccer betting by pro players are more prevalent in the lower tiers of the league due to the limited spotlight and lower wages. The player could never play Scottish football again if the allegations are proven true.