Henson Criticized For Attitude

There have been criticisms raised against Gavin Henson of the Dragons, but his team members, fans and others have come to his rescue and to stand testimony to his professionalism. There have been recent criticisms that have come from authorities regarding his training approach.

The attack was initiated by Matthew Syed, who is a Times columnist; while the critical reviews by journalists is not uncommon, Syed made a claim that he as well as Danny Cipriani, the England international, are arrogant and have a swaggering attitude when it comes to training. He points out that, Gavin and Danny are people who feel that they do not need to get down to hard hitting practice sessions which often undermine their ability to play well on the pitch.

However, such comments have raised several objections from people who know these stars as well. That includes Bernard Jackman, coach of Dragons team as well as his teammates. Syed wrote that players like Danny and Gavin often get by on self belief as well as swagger.

Syed wrote about how the attitude of such players is not in sync with a performance oriented environment; as preparation time is precious it is imperative that all players make the most of the training opportunities that are provided to them. These players feel that they are perfect and there is no need to humble down to practice sessions regularly. These people party and live the lives of celebrities. There is need for continuous improvement which comes by when one’s own weaknesses are appraised realistically. However, such players are often driven by self gratification feel good factors. Such attitude can undermine their performance when they play for their club as well as their country. At the time when they need to be self assured they are plagued with self doubt. Many fans and team mates have protested to such comments through social media channels.